Saturday, October 15, 2011

Catch up day!

It's been a while since I had time to post!  So much school!
I haven't stop creating though!
After making the  frisbees I discovered that the technique I used has an actual name!  It's call tapestry crochet and is used by the Guatemalans with roots in the history of the Mayan's!
Exploring this new technique has been fun, but there aren't many pattern ideas out there!  I found a pattern called "Horse Around" by Carol Ventura and made a rust and ecru colored purse for my daughter.  I also made one for myself in teal and blue.  The pattern is free on the internet.
I borrow Carol's book "More Tapestry Crochet" from a library and have been working on her pattern for "Cat's Meow" bag.  I corresponded with Carol on Ravelry and she seems like a great lady!
 I found a book for beaded tapestry crochet, but for someone as OCD as I way!  It would drive me crazy!!!!  If anyone has an patterns I would love to see them.  Since I haven't found many, I started graphing some designs and I hope to give them a try soon.

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