Thursday, August 4, 2011

I have made at least 2 dozen of these "Flying J's (I hesitate to use the word Frisbee in case any relatives of the late inventor of the Frisbee, Mr. Morrison,  becomes one of my blog followers and I insult them by copying his design).  They are crocheted from cotton and are bendable so kiddos can stick them in their jeans pocket to have handy anytime.  They are washable and don't hurt when you whack your fingers on them!  the lighter green one glows in the dark!

Ok.  Let me explain.  This is my son, Eric.  He is the creative mind behind the name of my blog (although I have noticed he isn't a follower) and he asked me to use my awesome talent to create this ridiculous looking hat!  This is proof that I luv my kids.  LOL  BTW  He loves the hat!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My lovely Rose of Sharon bush and my Candi Dot Lace Shell!

I made the shell from "Relaxed Fashion" out of Caron Spa.  If you make it I would suggest using a smaller hook and at least one size smaller than you usually wear!